Doing What's Best for our Town

Welcome to Kursaal Ward!

I am Operations Director of the Stockvale Group of Companies that owns and operates Adventure Island, Sealife Adventure, Radio Essex, restaurants and property, and I will be standing in the Kursaal Ward in the forthcoming local elections on May 5th 2022.


"I am standing because I believe I can bring a unique insight into how to grow business and create a thriving entrepreneurial culture that is needed across the town, and particularly Southend High Street.  Job creation is central to a thriving Southend economy that in-turn can pay for the public services we all need. 


I hope you can put your faith in me to do what is best for both Kursaal Ward and Southend." 

This website provides information on Kursaal Ward; my background; my political beliefs and views on leading Kursaal; and Southend-On-Sea Borough Council.  The overall purpose is to help you make an informed decision as to who to vote for.

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