Resigned from Labour due to likely support for COVID passports and I will stand as indie in Kursaal

I would like to announce my intention to run as an Independent candidate in the next local elections that take place on Thursday 5th May 2022.

As some of you may know, I ran in the previous election under Labour for which I was extremely proud to do so. However, due to my uncompromising stand against the discriminatory COVID passports I was unsuccessful in my re-interview.

I openly stated that if Labour did support the passports I would resign my position if elected as a Labour Councillor. And because it looks likely that will be the case my colleagues had no real choice but to reject my application.

Further to this, I have also taken the decision to leave the party with immediate effect. I cannot reconcile the contradiction between the Labour values of fairness, kindness, community and equal opportunities with this patently discriminatory policy.

Millions of people will lose their jobs and livelihoods if this is brought in, and a worker’s party that actively causes people to lose their jobs is not quite the party I wanted to represent.

When I first dipped my toe in the political world I was merely looking to bring new ideas and energy into local issues such as the high street, small business, entrepreneurship and jobs creation, as well as the wider issues surrounding policing, health, education and the environment.

I never expected to find myself outside of Labour fighting for freedom of choice over something no one could have predicted happen 2 years ago. Alas the cards have been dealt and this has now become a central issue for what I stand for.

Yes, I want zero queues in the health system; school class sizes cut to 15; Bobbies on the beat interacting with the community, and a clean environment, but it is now freedom of choice that has become the most prominent issue of our time.

No one seems to be debating it locally. We have simply kowtowed to national government dictates that have already destroyed so many lives with cancelled hospital appointments; business closures; and mental health issues, and will, with the advent of the COVID passport, physically and mentally divide our society.

I will be bringing this to the forefront of the conversation moving forward as I look to galvanise the backbone of local government to actually stick up for the people of our town.

I have also taken the decision to leave Thorpe Ward in this election to focus my efforts in Kursaal. I live a stones-throw away and am very familiar with the challenges that people face every day.

I will be knocking on doors very shortly hoping to get to know the residents and helping them in every way I can.

And whilst the biggest issues are clear, I also recognise that the day-to-day lived experiences of those who have to put up with pot-holes, cracked pavements, lack of parking and anti-social behaviour including violence, drugs, and prostitution, are much more of an immediate concern to the residents in Kursaal.

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