Southend Labour is the local Labour group that encompasses Rochford and Southend East, and Southend West constituencies.  It is made up of members of the Labour Party to which anyone who believes in fairness, equal opportunities and aspiration can join

There are currently 14 Labour Councillors within Southend Labour elected to represent their respective Wards, who are led by Councillor Ian Gilbert.  

Often people think there is nothing that be done to fix any particular problem, however, Southend Labour have brilliant and passionate people on the Council (and in the Party in general) that go out of their way to help individual problems - however seemingly small. 

Issues from cracked pavements, street lighting, parking and tree planting to the Southend Airport expansion, Queensway Development, Seaway development, and the stroke unit being moved from Southend hospital, are all taken as seriously as each other.

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